The beginning of an end - vol2

by FJ  

I'm extremely happy that I turned in my thesis on Social Networks in Business yesterday. After two years of hemorroids, blood, extorted eyeballs, sweat, tears and a turned-down offer from my side to rule EU networks to get my MBA, it will become true - I will be a MBA.
Also I'm raising money for fyut - the main Bulgarian FreeBSD mirror this week-end, so that it runs during the next 2-3 years w/out worries.
Finally, I decided to give a hand to Bogo with яицазимитпо лъгуг
which in English is google optimization in reverse.
We're running a contest on SEO and Bogo has promised if he wins the 500 eur prize to donate it to a fund that helps Bulgarian children have a transplantation of kidneys, chemiotherapy and such things.
So much for today - I'm entering bear sleep mode - this means I plan to spend the rest of the year and January 2008 relaxing a lot. Need it. :-P

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Greetings Димитьр

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