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For whom this blog tolls

March 21st, 2008

This blog is dedicated to two John Does - names been changed to protect the innocent. I've met them while being abroad and can say that they are one of the few people I'd die for.
Both of them were in active military service under different flags.
Comparing that me was under the flag too, seemed a perfect match.
I had a good time with these guys and still try to keep in touch.
Now I'm thinking to use this blog as my English one.
Don't expect much from it - I'm proud of using Cyrillic alphabet and this will not
change until the day I start to wear size 6 shoes again.
So give my blog a welcome and enjoy it.

Hats off

April 19th, 2007

I'm finishing my assignment for the Big Blue.
It's been a bit fun in terms of gaining experience, meeting new people, learning couple of languages /Czech,Slovak, interceptng Polish, Ukranian an Italian/ plus the other 4 I know and shall not name to prevent the total envy of the people who know only one (no matter which is and rejoice in their own juice with comfort tormenting other to come to their level); expanding my social engineering and espionage skills; befriending with gals and lassies to die for.
So I move on to my homeland in couple of days to complete my graduation cycle and some other things which for now I will keep confidential.
And of course there will be a river of beer for good bye.
So long guys and girls.
If you miss me you know how to contact me.
It will be a pleasure to meet again.

Third post

September 2nd, 2006

This is the third post.

It appears on blog B only and in a single category.