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Published on February 16th, 2008 @ 01:45:30 pm , using 117 words
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My name is Dimitar. I'm a Unix (AIX/Solaris mainly/ decent HP-UX) & Oracle guy , clusters:(HACMP,Sun Cluster, Service Guard, Oracle RAC). I work as a DBA and provide private consulting in the Solaris/AIX area upon request. Certified Sun Microsystems trainer for the following courses - SA-200, SA-202, DTP-250, Shell scripting for administrators and ES-345. In my career I have passed through military, F-500 IT, telco, factoring and online payment systems projects. Administering all kinds of stuff - the biggest and the dearest - the better. Most adoring administering stuff running Solaris as a platform and all the apps above it. This is my blog in Bulgarian. Some day there may be an English one.

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